Next week my twins turn 5.

I can’t quite believe they are 5 already, I remember clearly the day my hubby and I found out we were having twins – I laughed uncontrollably and my husband cried like a baby…..

I remember bringing them home, watching my husband carry one car seat in each hand as we walked out of hospital, and thinking to myself we have no fucking idea what we are doing!

I remember sterilising 24 bottles every day to just get through the day feeding the twins when they were little, I remember feeling like we never slept, actually wait a minute that was not just a feeling – we actually never slept.

I remember it all like it was yesterday, and then I remember thinking on their first birthday how the hell am I meant to go back to work, how do I navigate through childcare, the working day and organising the house, my son’s daily needs and my own (sod the hubby he will just have to fend for himself he is a grown up after all ha ha ha well most to the time)

It was one day when I was trying to find ways to organise all of the above that I realised that this would actually only be possible if I cloned myself… and I actually think one of me in this world is more than enough.

It was so overwhelming and there just had to be another way… and if not then I had to make another way…

So I created The Beautiful Method, the whole ethos of the business was to help busy mums have more time to for themselves and more time with their families, this is what I needed and I knew there were other women, mums and families that needed this too…

By creating a business that was based around family life I had created a business that helps all families:

We help our Housekeeping clients gain more spare time by taking care of all their housekeeping needs and managing their households.

We help our Housekeeping teams by offering flexible working around family life.

We provide ALL our franchise owners a business that they can build and grow around their own families, be present and take time for themselves.

This in turns helps more clients have more spare time and more staff have flexible working options.

It so wonderful that as we grow as a business we are getting more and more franchise enquiries from women who want to be present in their own lives and who want to the help other women be more present in their lives.