#SHECAN365 - Victoria’s story: Day 61

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Victoria Rothwell, Founder and Franchisor of The Beautiful Method Ltd

An established eco-friendly domestic housekeeping service offering flexible and supportive franchise opportunities.

It was nine months after having my first child that I was diagnosed with postnatal depression and anxiety, so the early stages of being a first-time mum were especially difficult for me. I knew that these symptoms had stemmed from my son and I almost not making it through childbirth (I contracted sepsis too, so I was really ill for some time afterwards), but my solution – when I was physically able – was to go back to work and pretend that nothing was happening.

As a garment technologist for the High Street’s leading stores, my old career took me everywhere from London to the Far East and certainly kept me busy. It was only after becoming a mum again to twin girls – and my PND and anxiety returning tenfold – that I realised I couldn’t go on like this; I shouldn’t be using work as a coping mechanism. I did what I didn’t do the first time and sought professional help – working with a psychiatrist for 12 months. With a strong support network in place – including my husband, who was amazing – I came through the other side.

When the girls were a year old, I was looking for someone to help with my housekeeping – someone who was reliable, trustworthy and hands on. Various services I commissioned sent different people each week and others didn’t offer everything I needed, so following some market research I decided to make something I felt wasn’t there! Since launching The Beautiful Method in 2017, business is going brilliantly. I have a team of eight housekeepers and a fundamental part of our service is that we send the same team each week to the properties they’ve been assigned to – promoting professional consistency and building strong relationships.

This month I’m launching franchising opportunities, as I believe women have the right to be successful at running a business and also being a parent who’s present and in the moment at mealtimes, as well as there at the school gates when the bell rings.

It was lonely (and bloody hard work!) when I was setting up, so this decision allows me to not only give something back following my own experiences but also support female entrepreneurs.

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