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Which vacuum cleaner is right for you?

To be honest this is probably not something you have ever really asked yourself…

Are you taken in by the hype and design of a Dyson, or are you more practical with the likes of a Henry, does the job but cost a lot less.

Forget about brands for a moment but the real question is not which brand should you be choosing but more importantly you should be asking yourself should I buy an Upright or a Cylinder?

Uprights are those that are taller and are designed to be pushed in front of you, most are fitted with a brush bar that quite literally beats the dirt out before being sucked up. However, these often attract hair which will get caught within the brush bar and will require more manual cleaning than you may think.

If you invest in an upright, invest in a good pair of scissors also, my husband always says I should be bald the amount of times our upright needs a haircut 🙂

Cylinder vacuums are often smaller and therefore by nature more compact, these are often more powerful than uprights but do require more work from the handler as opposed to an upright where you simply push and pull.

I do have to admit though that I have BOTH… they are better at different tasks.

I love my portable upright for a quick whizz round the kitchen after the children have finished eating, or if I have an unannounced guests that pops by. But if I am going all in and doing a thorough job throughout then you cannot beat a cylinder, easier to pull around, and super quick changes to heads and brushes along the way and certainly easier to attacked the staircase with.

Running a professional housekeeping company I am often asked which brand do we find best and my all time favourite go to is Miele.  3 years in and after trying brands such as Dyson, Henry, Samsung and Hoover. Miele have never let me down, their compact C3 is amazing, extremely reliable, fantastically powerful and so easy to use, and making changes to accessories along the way it super quick, also as a company their customer service is impeccable and that for me is always a key driver when choosing a brand.

No Miele are not the cheapest but then often in life you get what you pay for and the Miele C3 Compact ticks all mine and our housekeepers boxes.

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