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The Last Bank Holiday

So, you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend to look forward to, whether you are spending the time with family, maybe relaxing or taking the opportunity to complete some work around the house. If it’s the latter then you need to get your stuff together to maximise the opportunity.

  1. Hit The Shops Early

It sounds all too obvious but avoid the Bank Holiday Traffic by planning ahead and hitting the shops in the evening, with most DIY outlets staying open till 8pm, take advantage and purchase those necessary items before the weekend begins. Avoids over crowding in the shops and allowing you that morning lie in knowing you are ahead of the game.

  1. Measure Up

Having the right measurements will save time and more importantly arguments, within my house the one item that we can never find when needed is the tape measure. Hence my recent purchase of two to make sure we aren’t measuring using magazines or kitchen towels, which as an alternative can be used.

  1. De-clutter

This can make a huge different in the progress achieved, keeping a clear work area and ensuring that you are free from trip and spill hazards as you do not want to become a Bank Holiday Accident Statistic.

  1. Early Start

Preparing the evening before will ultimately save time in the morning, personally I would use this time along with point 1 allowing you extra time for a little lie in and maybe a coffee and croissant.

  1. Always Have a Plan B

If everything fails, maybe that lie in stretched to a late morning, breakfast became Brunch and they had a 3 for 2 offer on wine with the weekly shop, sit back and relax. Life is too short to worry about DIY after all!

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