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The importance of getting it right!

The importance of doing it right!

As you can imagine running The Beautiful Method would ensure that I have a keen eye for detail, you would also expect that this should have rubbed off on my husband too, or at least he should be aware of the high standards I expect.

I must be honest it has been great having him at home, sharing the school run responsibility, Boris our Newfoundland has been enjoying his 0630am walks although maybe 3 miles is a little too much, as he then spends the rest of the day snoring (Boris not the husband) but today he went a little too far.

After visiting potential new clients, I arrive home and I am immediately greeted and informed that he has taken it upon himself to clean our ensuite and the children’s rooms. My initial reaction is why? What the hell have you done!

As always, I was right, because my question – what the hell have you done is actually really apparent.

I had to ask if he had cleaned the Twins bedroom because I was seriously struggling to see anything that had been touched, but upon further inspection it was clear that my husband had adopted the ‘Dust Around’ technique, not lifting nor moving anything just dusting the areas that are visible. These same techniques had been replicated with the hoovering. I will save further embarrassment as the Ensuite, well I am sure it was cleaner before he started.

Husbands/Partners I am sure that they mean well, but sometimes it is best leaving the House Keeping to the professionals…..

Tell me, what has your partner done before which then involved you having to call in the professionals.

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