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Safe in the Knowledge

Safe in the Knowledge

I am often asked as a business owner if my staff are employed, self-employed or hired through an agency.

I pride myself of employing all team members, there is of course an associated business cost to this and additional stress covering holidays, sickness and training. That said we take real pride that we are employing local people and providing a regular income to those families, and supporting the local economy

It does however concern me when I hear the horror stories associated with those organisations where they are not correctly employing staff, within the cleaning industry it is very common practice for ‘Cash in Hand’ cleaning services to exist. This does come with significant risks attached, not only for all clients but there is no job security for employees? Could you imagine making your way to work everyday not knowing if you are going to be needed?

Insurance, often those businesses are not correctly insured, not only themselves or the ‘staff’ but for your property and then your home is at greater risk of loss and unrecoverable damage.

Your home is your safe place, that is why we have fully employed staff members who receive holiday pay, uniforms, training and those all-important pension contributions, that are fully checked and insured.

Let us take care of you and your home, be safe in the knowledge that we will look after you, your family and your home.

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