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Safe Home Environment

Safe Environment

As a parent I take the responsibility of my actions and those of my family seriously, this mindset and accountability also follows through into my business The Beautiful Method.

This is why we only use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and free from chemicals, thus removing the risk of any contaminations.

The dangers are often hidden, but within the large majority of households we have a cocktail of hazards, many of which will be unknown.

One such risk is Acetone, highly volatile and can be ignited by heat or spark, this is commonly found in nail polish remover.

It is important to know the properties of household cleaning chemicals, often through an innocent action we could be creating a chemical reaction unknowingly. One extreme example is Bleach and Vinegar – which can react to create chlorine,

With The Beautiful Method you and your family are in safe hands, as all of our products are free from any nasty chemicals  and environmentally friendly, from the reusable bottles down to the packaging which is all 100% recycled.

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