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Night or Day?

With the cost of utilities only every going up who really takes advantage of running those all-important household tools during the dark hours.

Depending on the tariff that you have with your energy provider it can prove financially beneficial to run the Dishwasher and Washing Machine in the evening, personally I have always run the Dishwasher in the evening after a late meal providing clean cutlery for Breakfast then allowing the rest of the day for the machine to be filled ready once more for its evening cycle.

The Washing Machine however is something which I haven’t got into a routine with, firstly our machine a very efficient, well-built Miele, is fitted with the most annoying sound once finished, secondly there is no option to mute or to turn off, the noise continues for a good 30 mins before it finally gives up.

Therefore, the thought of lying in bed hearing that would then only attack my OCD and I would be downstairs preparing the dryer, which evidently isn’t safe left on unaccompanied.

But how much saving would be possible, Martin Lewis – Money Saving Expert has been quoted saying that savings in excess of £60 a year can be achieved if consumers are willing to change their habits.

Would you be willing to become a night owl domestic goddess, or put your savings towards a beautiful housekeeping service who will do laundry and ironing for you whilst you are at work!

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