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We have all heard that phrase, a tidy home is a tidy mind, personally I can really relate to this.

Having a lot of clutter around can be described as visual noise, when things are tidy and the room has been cleaned it feels tranquil and relaxed, I feel at ease and certainly more in control.

But the positive impact of a clean home goes further and more importantly can help with our health, and our families health

Reducing allergy and asthma symptoms, removing dust and using eco-friendly cleaning products which not only protect our health but the environment. Something that we pride ourselves on with The Beautiful Method only ever using ethically sourced products.

Improving Safety, Falls and Fires are two of the main causes of injury and death within a family home, by having a robust cleaning routine you can remove those risks and reduce the potential of yourself or a loved one becoming injured.

Reducing the spread of germs, this has to be a top priority to all, the most infectious room in any house isn’t the bathroom it’s the kitchen.

Here at The Beautiful Method we ensure that all our housekeepers are trained to the highest standards, basic principles as coloured cloths for particular rooms ensure that cross contamination is never an issue. With each client’s home we employ new cloths to eliminate any risks and to ensure that the home is left to the highest possible standards.

If only I could teach my husband and children the importance of keeping things organised and clean, then I would be onto a winner.





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