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How can being self employed NOT be an option?

How can being Self employed NOT be an option?

WOW WOW WOW … … … how long did the Easter holidays last???? bloody hell they went on foreverrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! (Ok maybe that was a slight exaggeration)

For us here at TBM HQ today is the start of the first full week back at school following the super long Easter holiday break, firstly we had 2 whole weeks off school and then we had two 4 day weeks either side of Easter weekend… …

It is so nice today, my first full week back in the office, and it feels good to get back running at full speed ahead, but it has got me thinking as to how would I ever of managed all these school holidays if I wasn’t running my own business?? It would have either cost me a fortune in extra childcare or I would have had to use my holiday days… which no doubt I would be saving up for the 6 week summer break when all 3 of them would be off school.

If there is one thing I love about being self employed, it is the freedom and flexibility of planning my own life, my own diary, taking time when I need to without having to ask permission.

If I want to reduce my working day during the school holidays so that I can work around the children or if I choose to work for a couple of hours in the evening when they have gone to bed then hey guess what I CAN…. Because it’s MY business, MY rules!

If I choose to sit in the garden, in the sunshine with my laptop, whilst my children are locked (oops I mean safely fastened) on the trampoline then I can Whilst still answer emails, still be there for my team and my clients and also be present for my children, As you can probably tell I have fully mastered the art of multitasking like a pro!

When people say oh I don’t know how you do it?

My answer is always why the hell would you not do it? The flexibility, the freedom, the being there for my children, the choice to run your own life, make your own money, make your own rules…… lead your own life!

V x


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