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Do not touch the TV

My husband is no different, no one is allowed to clean the Flat Screen TV but himself, this is a regular request from our clients also. But what is the best way to clean a TV.

One reviewer described only using distilled water and a lint free cloth, now the cloth shouldn’t be an issue but distilled water may be a step too far for many.

A common wife’s tale is using Vinegar, this is safe but again must be used sparingly and the best method is to dab a microfibre cloth in vinegar and very, very gently wipe the screen, never spray vinegar directly onto the screen itself.

There are however many pre-mixed cleaners available on the internet and these come with a host of different cloths all promising a great cleaning experience.

I have suggested the vinegar approach before, yet my husband still choose to ignore my professional opinion and purchased a pre-mix cleaner and as he calls it ‘a special TV cloth’.

But before you attempt any of the above, the TV. Must be turned off and be cool, if the screen is too hot this may detract from the cleaning process and inadvertently cause further damage.

However, keeping on top of the dust is easier, with a dry micro fibre cloth at least once a week this should be used to gently stroke the TV screen removing the build-up of natural house dust.

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