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Arrrghhh the Easter holidays are coming!

ARRRGHHHHH is always the first thing that pops into my head when I know there is a school holiday creeping up on me, and this is not just a week at half term…. It is a whole 2 weeks…. I will just say that again …… it’s a whole 2 WEEKS!

And so it begins….  The need to plan plan plan!

  1. book childcare when needed
  2. book days out for when I have my mummy hat on.
  3. Make sure the shopping arrives and I have enough food into feed a small army and snacks galore… in fact it always amazes me how my children survive at school only eating a set times.

So here at TBM as you guys know we always like to help out when we can and go that extra mile as part of our service, to make our clients lives as easy as we can.

Here are a few suggestions for over the Easter holidays

Childcare if your children are old enough, there are a few holiday camps going on:

  1. whackit-tennis.comWhack-It Tennis has camps on at Bickerton Village Hall 1st, 2nd3rdApril 9am – 12noon and 8th– 11that Tarvin. Gary is fab coach and my son absolutely loves this!
  2. Malpas Football Club @ the Sports club in Malpas have a 3 day event on 10th, 11thand 12th9:30am – 3pm – get in touch with Danny at PD coaching on the Football Club facebook page.
  3. Multi-sports Camps they do all sorts of different activities from Gymnastics, dodge ball, Wet activities and fancy dress events these are on at Farndon Primary School running daily 9am – 4pm or extended days 8am – 5/5:30pm. More details on their website

And for days out for all ages I have been chatting with one of the ladies who launched Clued in with Kids:

Clued in with Kids– absolutely brilliant idea, they have various facebook pages for all over the North West and North Wales, on these pages you will find loads and loads of different days out and events that are on during all the holidays, and for fun things to do at the weekend, they are all tried and tested by lots of other mummies and families, these pages are a lifeline when you are struggling with ideas or you mind just goes blank – which in my case is quite often. I would certainly recommend to make this your go to for planning your Easter holiday activities and I promise you will not be disappointed.

We are off to try this out over the Easter break – it looks like brilliant fun, albeit I think a set of spare clothes is needed for everyone… someone pass me the suitcase – 3 kids, 2 adults and lots of water and mud… I can hear the washing machine giving up already.

My friend and I have also booked in to take the children to eat here, 2 sets of twins, my son, 2 adults – and a jungle full of monkeys… we are going to be ok… right??? 🙂

Whatever your plans are have a fantastic Easter Holidays and we would love to hear about what you got up to so feel free to share – your comments on the blog or on our social media!

Have fun and eat lots of chocolate x

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